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Spacing Out


Medium: Performance
Topic: Spacing Out

Spacing Out is a site-specific performance by the newly created Lynghøj-lakes in Roskilde. As a piece, it creates a space for contemplation. A lingering for an extended time. It gives the audience space to feel the many layers of time that surround us and which create the location´s uniqueness in every moment. Here, many types of movement unfold simultaneously. Everything from the constant rippling of the water to the geometric formations of the flying swallows. From the movement of the sand underneath one's soles to the rhythmical dance of the tectonic plates.

In Spacing Out, the landscape is as important as the performers. Spacing out connects the wandering gaze of the audience with the transformations of the cloud formations and the dance of the performer. Letting the dancing color the setting of the sun. The landscape is involved in its entirety.

Spacing out suggests stories and relationships without conclusions. It reminds us of how complex the impact of places is on our bodies, our thoughts – and our imagination.

By – Institute of Interconnected Realities
Choreography – Marie-Louise Stentebjerg + Ida-Elisabeth Larsen
Dancers – Marie-Louise Stentebjerg + Ida-Elisabeth Larsen + Sara Gebran + Sarah Lee Armstrong + Olivia Rivière + Marie Topp
Dramaturgic consultant – Riikka Thitz
Composer – SANTI RZR
Installation – Niina Tervo
Costumes – Maria Ipsen
Illustration – Sam Moore
Documentation – J. Scott Stratton
Assistent: Christian Kramler Hummelgaard
Producer: Gry Raaby
Production: Madeleine Lind Hoppe

In residency: Holstebro Dansekompagni + Metropolis Cph.
Supported by: Statens Kunstfond + William Demant Fonden
Co-produced by Aaben Dans + Institute of Interconnected Realities
Thanks to – Jonathan Bonnici + Naturstyrelsen + Bjørn Petersen + Johannes Hornberger + Bofællesskabet Kæphøj + PULSEN

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