The Institute of Interconnected Realities (IIR) is a platform influenced by the concept of Decentralized Choreography. The implication of this term is that the choreographic event unfolds in multiple sites simultaneously none of which are more important than the others. Decentralized Choreography is not only a concept that inspires choreographic thinking on stage but under the IIR it offers new perspectives on dramaturgy, production, spectatorship, curation a.o. The IIR supports and presents research projects and artworks – in various scales and media – that look at the potential of choreographic thinking. The IIR is a choreographic event in itself.



Ida-Elisabeth Larsen has a background in dance and philosophy. Her practice is informed by dramaturgy, eco-thinking and choreography. She sits with movements that have insinuated their arrival, but is still in the process of finding actualisation.


Marie-Louise Stentebjerg is a choreographer, dancer and performer with a practice based approach to choreography. Her practice has an emphasis on collective processes and the potential that exists ‘in between’.


Jonathan Bonnici is a performer and maker from a classical acting background. He is committed to an undogmatic testing of presented realities and the performative challenge this might entail.


Gry Raaby has a background in dance. Now working as a producer she focuses on co-thinking, co-editing and ‘caring-with’ as both support and operative practices behind the scene. Gry also has a mean eye for budgets.