Institute of Interconnected Realities


Song of 8 at CPH STAGE



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I–IR is proforming Songs of 8 at Hustets Teater as a part of CPH STAGE.

In natural light and over the hour of sunset the audience experience an acapella vocal concert from the 3 performers on stage. The soundscapes arrive as a response to the moment in which they are being sung and not as pre-arranged material. The interplay of the three voices range from the harmonic to the dissonant, to the purely expressive. As the performers tone with their voices they move their bodies in figures of 8. The 8s act as an autonomous force, using the performer’s bodies to express themselves in different magnitudes and intensities. Watching the bodies move and listening to the songs the three voices create produces a constantly unfurling parade of associations: a cheap lapdance, seaweed on the ocean floor, ecstatic rapture, madness. It all happens in the mind of the watcher.

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