Institute of Interconnected Realities


Institute of Interconnected Realities (I—IR) is a choreo­graphic group and platform — founded by Ida­ Elisabeth Larsen, Marie­-Louise Stentebjerg and Jonathan Bonnici working with the choreography in a broad spectrum from set­pieces shown at theaters, festivals and museums all over the world, curating other choreographic projects with other performance artists and are creating knowledge production trough this website.

The Institute of Interconnected Realities (I—IR) is influenced by the concept of Decentralized Choreography. The implication of this term is that the choreographic event unfolds in multiple sites simultaneously none of which are more important than the others. Decentralized Choreography is not only a concept that inspires choreographic thinking on stage but under the IIR it offers new perspectives on dramaturgy, production, spectatorship, curation a.o. The IIR supports and presents research projects and artworks – in various scales and media – that look at the potential of choreographic thinking. The IIR is a choreographic event in itself.

Ida-Elisabeth S. Larsen is a choreographer and performer currently commuting between Copenhagen and Helsinki. She graduated from SEAD in 2007 and continued to supplement her education with a BA in Philosophy and Performance Design from Roskilde University. In 2016 she enrolled in the MA programme "Ecology and Contemporary Performance" at TeaK-University of the Arts Helsinki. The core of her artistic practice she unfolds as a member of the artist collective RISK and the duo two-women-machine-show and now Insititute of interconnected Realities.

Jonathan Bonnici is a London born actor, performance maker, writer and teacher. He has a BA in philosophy and politics which was followed with the 3 year actor training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. His self curated education has seen him work extensively with The Meisner technique, Grotowski inspired physical and vocal practice and somatic techniques such as BMC, Fascia release and dynamic meditations. A strong influence has been the Slovenian theatre company Via Negativa and the laboratory approach of its founder Bojan Jablanovec.

Marie-Louise Stentbjerg working as performer, dancer and choreographer. She graduated from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in 2005 SEAD. While partisipating in the Intensive Erasmus Program, Dance Integrated in Humanities and Society, Academy year 2004-05, at Amsterdam School for the ArtsAnd. She have also followed the program AUTEUR at Odsherred Teaterskole, Danish Development Center for Performing Arts. 2011-2013. She is co-founder of the 4 independent organisations/groups Reverse Collective, Collective.At, RISK:RECLAIM:ENTERTAIN and Insititute of interconnected Realities.

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