December, 2020 | “Pandemia Mundi; Stages of Epidemics”, Helsinki (FI)

PURGE/Act.4 is a 12 min video work created for the exhibition Pandemia Mundi; Stages of Epidemics at Työhuone – an artspace in Helsinki – by invitation from the french curator/theatre artist/art researcher Vincent Roumagnac. The video is shot in an empty black box with flickering lights and the choreography happens through a voiceover that rapidly delivers a continuous stream of images: 

“A darkness is scorched with light.
A singer on stage primal screams.
A pail of milk is tipped over.
A city is carpet-bombed.
Sense is obliterated.
Oceans turn to fire.
Someone shrieks.
Someone coughs up blood.
Someone talks in tongues.
Someone laughs uncontrollably.
Someone gets well.
Someone says what’s on their heart (…)”


Conception: Ida-Elisabeth Larsen, Marie-Louise Stentebjerg and Jonathan Bonnici
Text: Jonathan Bonnici
Mixing: S. Rieser
Video edit: Jeffrey Scott Stratton


Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation
Thank you: Husets Teater